The experience of more than twenty years in this market qualifies us to manufacture a wide range of products to fulfil, not only the requirements of today market, but also to make new elements very useful for clients all over the world. ADAICO products fulfil all resistance and safety international standards. Besides secure and fully good working, they are also aesthetic and easy to handle.

Obviously, as ADAICO's will has always been to provide the client a full service, besides the standard components shown in this catalogue, we are qualified and ready to manufacture any product according to the client's requirements and peculiarities, by modifying our standards or designing brand new and exclusive products.

Please, check our catalogue in PDF. Choose the chapter and a pdf file will be open, read and printed. You need to have installed Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free for PC or for MAC.

Complete catalogue (49,85 Mb)  

  Chapter 1 Pillars and Accesories 2,11 MB  
  Chapter 2 Roof Elevation System 1,189 MB  
  Chapter 3 ADA SLIDER System 1,995 MB  
  Chapter 1 Mudguard, Wheel Supports and Wedges 2,85 MB  
  Chapter 2 Boxes and Tanks 4,64 MB  
  Chapter 3 Plywood Boards-Chassis 4,09 MB  
  Chapter 4 Temperature Controlled Transport 2,046 MB  
  Chapter 5 Curtain Accesories 3,59 MB  
  Chapter 6 Lockers 2,72 MB  
  Chapter 7 Hinges 1,412 MB  
  Chapter 8 Profiles 869 KB  
  Chapter 9 Rear Door 1,683 MB  
  Chapter 10 Loading Systems 3,29 MB  
  Chapter 1 Lights 2,85 MB  
  Chapter 2 Safety and Antitheft 1,81 MB  
  Chapter 3 Cabin Accesories 3,61 MB  
  Chapter 4 Other Accesories 448 KB  


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